The Making of "IZZI RAY" (Crystal Lewis' daughter's debut album~released 2-28-12)

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Izzi Ray is an up and coming young artist with a new, fresh take on songwriting and melody. With a rich, warm, yet young and vibrant voice, Izzi brings a sweet and clear message of faith, hope and love in her songs. Born into a music-industry family (her mother is contemporary Christian music artist Crystal Lewis and father music producer/record company exec. Brian Ray), Izzi began playing guitar and writing at the age of 11. Having grown up in a family where life frequently took place on the road, Izzi became acquainted with music and touring at an early age. She also was well acquainted with God from an early age. She began her journey of faith at the age of 5 and hasn't looked back. "I want to be a voice in my generation that stirs revival", Izzi says. She is clearly on her way...and I know she'll make it.

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