Remember Billy Graham (1918-2018) in His Most Inspiring Quotes

Celebrate Life Ft Kurious - Juan Carlos Montemayor Jr.

JuanCarlos Looking so, feeling so, ever so Fly Confidence is peakin all these people wonder Why The radiance of the presence so not Shy Permeating from my very being want to Try? Having a relationship with the most High Qualifies me to celebrate Life I
teach What I Know, model what I Do Impart who I am with or without my Crew Keeping my love on his joy is my Strength I’m laughing in this spit with honor as my Weight Co-laboring with the spirit my minds never Blank Realizing I’m his son determined my Fate
I’m More Than A Conqueror Victorious I love winning I was born for This Chosen by my father he’s Notorious For being ever so Glorious Chorus I Celebrate Life, you Celebrate Life, We’ll Celebrate Life Together Kurious I’m off that Rockstar feeling like a Hero
Feeling so rich like I got Dinero Even though my bank account might be Zero My daddy’s Rich, He’ll let me Borrow Without no interest, he’ll Invest In what i dream, he believes in Me And we collide like the tackle wid a football

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