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We Are The Dragons | 18th CMS Theme Song (@thavizion)

Video edited and recorded by Sainz Garcia

Music & Lyrics performed by Michael 'M.Y. Tha Vizion" Yearby

Chorus 2x
18th CMS (hey), 18th CMS (hey), 18th CMS (hey) We are the Dragon!

There are no games play cause we are the best
We Fixin' the fight so it's no stress
Enter the Dragon call us Bruce Lee
In front of line is where we are, excuse me
We are dragons so you know that we stay hot
Other squadrons super Nintendo to an X-Box
We do propulsion, avionics and airframes
Without us the F-15 will be lame
Let me switch lanes and tell you about are test cell
Producing more thrust than the columns in Excel
Even a blind man can see that we on fire
So I understand why you won't stand-by us
You other squadrons are cool but you too soft
Glass in the road we'll run with are shoes off
Watch the throne cause you know that we on it
Dragons are forever while yall live for a moment

Chorus 4x
18th CMS (hey), 18th CMS (hey), 18th CMS (hey) We are the Dragon!

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