Unattended Movie Trailer

Integrity, honesty, compassion, discipline and wealth become unexpected trials when a seemingly blessed affluent christian family begins to make choices outside of Godʼs will. What role should God play in our lives during time of crisis or calm? What roles do we allow others play?

Ansley has experienced her share of lifeʼs challenges and wonders when her life and luck are going to change. Abandoned of her motherʼs protection at an early age, she has endured physical, emotional and spiritual abuse at the hands of her stepfather, family, church leaders and men. Now 30 and single with a child of her own, she battles the contrast of serving students as the cost of her earlier neglect encourages her to be distant and despondent to most human relationships. She struggles to see God in her everyday life. Why has her relationship with God seemed so strained and has often seem severed?

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