Sinless Perfectionism Or Sinful Imperfectionism?

There is a common phrase thrown around against those of us that love the Lord Jesus Christ, it is "sinless perfectionist." The phrase means that one believes that they have reached or can reach a state in this life where it is impossible for them to commit sin. Thus, the believer is a Spirit-led robot that can only do what they are led to do. Of course, no true follower of Jesus Christ teaches this, but the enemies of our God and His Christ still accuse the saints nonetheless. Could it be that these enemies of the cross actually teach "sinful imperfectionism" or the idea that no matter what grace of God they receive in this life the best they can amount to is constant sinning against God every single day? Sadly, most actually teach this very thing and their creeds say that God's grace is too powerless to give anyone victory over sin for even a single day! As blasphemous as the "sinful imperfection" teaching is, it has become the favorite doctrine of the modern professing Christian.

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