What a Friend we have in Jesus.wmv

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This song means a lot to me. :) Mama when she was alive used to tell me all the time how she would sing this song to me to calm me down, put me to sleep, or get me to eat when I was a baby up to Toddler years.

I had failure to thrive it took her 24 hrs to get a 12 ounce bottle into me she told me. She would sing this song while she would coax me to eat.

She said it was the only song that would calm me down and the only thing that would work for me.

My mama passed away Dec 10, 2009 from Cancer. 2 months after my stepfather had passed away Oct 8 2009 and coincidentally 1 yr to the exact day that she helped one of her precious dogs to Heaven. One I grew up with.

I miss mama. Last time I saw her was 2007 and so it truly hurts. I hold onto this song because of the meaning of it. And because it is true We have the Best friend in Jesus Christ and I will meet my mama again in Heaven one day

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