Grit and determination. Strength of character.

I think about these words a lot. I know what it's like to be down and out
and to feel like there's no way out of the mess I'm in. You do too.
It's in those moments that we have the choice
to either give up
or find the strength to keep pressing on, believing that better days are ahead.

It seems only fitting that the first glimpse of my upcoming CD is a song I wrote based on these themes.....inspired by the health battles and other challenges I've faced in recent years. I'm stoked to give you
a sneak preview of my brand new single, "Mistake".

As you listen, my hope is that you'll be reminded in your own lives
of the good stuff that happens when we
refuse to give up, no matter what we face.

Keep fighting the good fight, everybody! God loves you and so do I...

©2011 Jake Bertrand [SAC/SOCAN/ASCAP]