911 10th Anniversary

In His (Jesus/Yeshua’s) Name the Nations will put their Hope Mat 12:21

Under the direction of the Lord, I began with a triangular shaped design.

I then incorporated the American Flag colors (Red, White and Blue), along with the color
Black representing the death and destruction of 9/11, and finally the color Yellow, which represents Hope in Jesus/Yeshua.

The Hope Pin and Card
© 2002 Shabnam Hadassah Lal Chowdry
The Hope Pin and Card 9/11 Memorial are exclusive property
of Shabnam Chowdry and are Copyright protected.

A Message of Hope, Patriotism and Unity with Yisrael.
A 9/11 Memorial worth keeping
A beautiful custom-designed Lapel Pin/Card
A message worth sharing
Patriotism at its Best”
A message extolling our Judeo-Christian heritage
A Memorial that takes us to our Foundation
Quotes by God-fearing Fore-fathers
A message that connects to our Roots
A Y by inference pointing to the Hebrew Name
of Jesus

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