You Preserve - Scott Kerlin, original song

Music and lyrics by Scott Kerlin
A big thanks to Jonathan Lewis on the drums!
Check out Scott's blog at

Far above the clouds
And down below the waves
Creation still proclaims
And bows before Your name
Among the city lights
And in the darkest night
No matter where I go
Jesus, I still know

You're stronger than my circumstances
And higher than my sky
Bigger than this universe
So real, I can't deny
More constant than a new sunrise
More faithful than the tides
Love beyond all understanding
Lord, You preserve this life

Sunshine all around
And lightning with the sound
Of thunder in the air
Your voice heard everywhere
On days so full of joy
And in my deepest pain
You're worthy just the same
I'll call upon Your name, Jesus

You saved me
You raised me
Uphold me
By Your righteous hand

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