Josh's Miracle

In 2008, Josh Arneson, was down to 19% lung capacity with a life threatening rare lung disease. Josh received a Double Lung Transplant. Josh had complications.. he flat lined and died. Doctos brought him back after 40 minutes. Josh slipped into a coma and was put on life support. God answered prayers Josh woke up 7 days later! Doctors had tragic news Josh had experienced 5 stokes in his brain, he was paralyzed on the left side and it left him blind in his left eye. Lynn had to put Josh on the altar just like Abraham and Isaac and give her son to the Lord. She said "I will serve you Lord whether you take Josh or not." Josh had many physical challenges. Josh walked out of the hospital... HEALED!
GOD HEALED THE BLIND EYES TO SEE, NO MORE PARALYSIS, A NEW PAIR OF LUNGS AND A TRANSFORMED SPIRIT. Josh said that no matter what terrible things in life you are facing... that GOD IS IN CONTROL, if you just give your life to Jesus.
~Keith & Lynn Moore

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