Freed Up (Original Song) I wrote this song a couple of years ago. Mighty fun to play, but hard to do live, as the timing between vocals and guitar are a bit tough for me. Anyway, the words are truth, and I hope it's a
blessing. As for the audio, I am trying different things, so if anyone has any feedback on how I can improve it, let me know. Lyrics I saw another sunrise bring another day. And I began to recall. All the wasted years and all the games I played. Standing just
a half step from the fall. Then I called Jesus by His name. Begged Him to save my soul, and my life's never been the same. And I'm Freed up, redeemed, born again, washed clean by the Blood of the Lamb I'm saved and death no longer holds its sting. And I know
I'm Blood bought, by grace, made free and seated in a heavenly place And a brand new song my soul is freed up to sing. Oh my dear friend, I'm not the only one. For whom He died upon that cross. For the Son of man came to th

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