A Mother's Prayer ~ Celine Dion

This may sound funny to most but animal lovers will understand..
This is my way of saying Goodbye although not yet.. :) My Heavenly Father has asked me to do something that I know I've been led to do for quite some time now but was not yet ready to do it. Now I am finally willing.
To let my furbabies go. Something I know will break me because I love all 3 of my girls so much. I know this is more meant for a Parents of Children but it's just as hard when you are a mom of a furbaby.
I am now willing to let them go although not yet ready to find them homes. My prayer to God was that HE could maybe find the 2 homes for them and have the people they are going to go to approach me. Knowing Autumn and Terucan must stay together and have special needs and of course are rescues it will take awhile for them to trust anyone else and so they need a very special home. This is going to be very hard to do for me. But for now that is my prayer
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