Chosen: October 2, 2011

As you can probably tell from the video, the children really enjoy interacting with the puppets. They have been able to retain much of the information presented in the skit. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the very young children and how well they understood what was being said. They know a lot more than what we think they do.

It looks like we may have to do something about Anna’s hair; either trim her bangs or pull it back in a pony tail.

I’ve been a little slow in adding improvements to the theater to make it a little more comfortable for the puppeteers. They do a great job considering that there is considerable discomfort during the performance.

During the building of the puppet theater I didn’t take into account many of the human factors problems. You don’t know how difficult holding your hand up in the air for about 10-12 minutes can be until it’s tried.

Many thanks go to the folks who give life to the puppets and help the children learn the gospel Jesus Christ.

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