The Patients of a Saint (

This is the story of an American doctor working in the high-tech world of a university hospital, who, 22 years ago, felt compelled to abandon everything and enter the harsh world of extreme poverty and weakness.

Turning his back on his career and home in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Tony Lazzara landed in Lima, Peru in 1983 with few possessions and no knowledge of the language. Today fifty kids live in the home, and they suffer from an array of illnesses, everything ranging from tuberculosis, cerebral palsy, leukemia, chronic diarrhea and malnutrition to cleft palates and missing or deformed limbs. Dr. Tony absorbs all costs. All housing, food, education, medical treatment and medication are offered for free while a child is under his care.

This is a story laced with heartache and anguish. Yet through the pain, hope burns brightly. Dr. Tony is a candle in the darkness of crippling, chronic poverty, bringing hope and healing to some of the children of Lima, Peru.

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