Newton's Riddle Trilogy

Since J. K. Rowlings first published Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in 1995, Harry Potter books and movies have grossed over 10 billion dollars worldwide. While the Church has stood by and said "nothing", the devil has made a forture deceiving billions into believing that wizards and witches are cool and acceptable. Now is the time for the Church (the millions of worldwide believers in Jesus Christ) to rise up and expose the devil, the real source of evil on planet earth, for what he is - a liar and a deceiver. Together, we can blow "Potter out of the water!" and expose Satan to the entire world! This is the promotional video for the bestselling supernatural End-time books, the Newton's Riddle Trilogy. Find out what Satan does not want you to know - the Truth! All royalities from the purchase of these books goes to the ministry of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jew for the purpose of returning Russian Jew's back to Israel.

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