US Navy on Mission for Orphans

Aircraft carriers, fighter jets and top secret security clearance are no stranger to the largest military base in the world, Naval Station Norfolk.

Enter one Operation Blessing tractor trailer filled with pallets of clothes, however, and a new mission is born. OBI has teamed up with U.S. Navy's Project Hand Clasp, a para-military organization, to reach out to orphans in South America. Project Hand Clasp accepts and transports educational and humanitarian materials overseas on a space-available basis via various U.S.. Navy ships. Tucked away among the 97,000 tons of other materials loaded onboard The George Washington naval ship are 10 pallets of winter clothes donated from OBI. Operation Blessing is working in coordination with Project Hand Clasp and the U.S. Navy to get these supplies to the orphan children in desperate need of these types of clothes.

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