Jimmy Stewart Shares A Cheer From His Princeton Cheerleader Days With Johnny Carson

Jimmy Stewart Shares A Cheer From His Princeton Cheerleader Days With Johnny Carson

Talk about a delightful and amusing video that is sure to tug your lips into a grin! Jimmy Stewart Shares a cheer from his Princeton cheerleader days with Johnny Carson. 

In a roundabout conversation, Johnny was coy about bringing up the fact Jimmy was the head cheerleader in 1932! Once he aired this fun little fact, the audience couldn’t help but laugh when Jimmy confirmed that, yes, he was indeed a cheerleader. 

Jimmy not only confirms this fun tidbit but goes on to explain that was the year that Yale beat Princeton in a game with a score of 52 to zero. 

Jimmy goes on to share the story of what happened next. After the game, it was customary for Jimmy to go out in the middle of the field and lead the community in cheer, but the beatdown was so bad that even the band had left, and they had taken his megaphone. 

He goes on to say that was basically the story of his cheerleading days. Jimmy remembers that the Princeton paper even had an editorial the day after the game that “blamed” him as the reason why they lost the game. 

After the audience and the pair had a laugh about walking down memory lane, Johnny then pulled out a Princeton megaphone because he only thought it was fair to give him a megaphone since Jimmy’s was taken from him. 

What happens next is an absolute riot as Jimmy attempts to remember one of the ‘complicated’ cheers. Jimmy then stands up to cheer, “Rah, rah, rah. Tiger, tiger, tiger. Sis, boom, bah!” He then accidentally hits one of the hanging microphones above the studio desk, and the crowd absolutely loses it as does Johnny over Jimmy’s attempt to add in a few key cheerleader moves. 

You don’t want to miss the rest of the interview as the pair continue to walk down memory lane and remember the good ol’ days. It’s a gift to grow old and look back on life with fondness. One can’t help but chuckle and smile right along with these two. The whole interview was an absolute joy to watch, and you don’t want to miss it. 

“Wisdom is with aged men, And with length of days, understanding.” Job 12:12

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