Michael Buble Sings “Bring It On Home To Me” With Gospel Choir

Michael Buble Sings “Bring It On Home To Me” With Gospel Choir

Get ready for one rousing and wonderful performance as Michael Buble sings “Bring It On Home To Me” with a London gospel choir! Bring on the Buble, and bring on the chills! 

London’s West End Gospel’s choirmaster, Nathaniel Morrison, and the film crew planned quite a treat for the group’s singers and their special guest, Michael Buble. The video’s subtitles bring viewers up to speed.

Nathaniel had made secret arrangements for Mr. Buble to visit the group on Day 1 of his promotional tour for his new album titled Higher. Meanwhile, the choir had been practicing Michael’s new song, thinking they were merely making clips for his social media campaign. Watch what happens as the gospel group and the Canadian crooner both get big, delightful surprises!

Before entering, Michael Buble listens excitedly to the singing coming from inside the practice space. He shares that he loves gospel, and he “loves human beings coming together and singing.” He enters as the choir sings “Jesus, What a Wonder You Are,” which very quickly turns to laughter, clapping, and screams from the dozen choir members!    

The group is all smiles, and so is Michael. He seems super humble and pleased to be in their company—and the fun part for him hasn’t even started! 

Choirmaster Nathaniel tells Michael that the choir is going to sing something that he might know, and he invites Michael to join in as the spirit directs. It takes only the utterance of the word “if” for Michael to recognize the song. Nathaniel, who clearly has awesome chops of his own, sings through the first verse while Michael joyfully watches with watery eyes and a touched soul! 

The song, first made famous by the legendary soul singer Sam Cooke in 1962, tells the story of a man who is desperate for his love to return home. Michael Buble adds his cover to a list of other greats who have recorded the classic love song, including Rod Steward, John Lennon, Mickey Gilley, and others.      

As the second verse begins, Michael begins singing, and Nathaniel adds background vocals. At first, one, then two, and then the twelve members of the choir add in all the good stuff that they’ve been working on, completely without knowing they’d actually get to perform it with Michael Buble up close and in person! What a thrill!

And, look out now! These musicians are having so much fun doing their thing! And, their thing is outstanding, guaranteed to give listeners goosebumps! 

After a big finish, Mr. Buble gives hugs to each of the choir members and to Nathaniel. He is obviously moved by the moment, saying, “When I recorded this song, it was the greatest thing I recorded in my life. I’ve been driving people crazy. I kept saying ... ‘How am I ever going to make a moment of this and let people see it, how beautiful this is?’ And this is the moment. You guys gave me the moment.”

Thanks for sharing the moment with all of us, West End Gospel, Nathaniel Morris, and Michael Buble! 

“For long ago, in the days of David and Asaph, there had been directors for the musicians and for the songs of praise and thanksgiving to God.” Nehemiah 12:46

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