Toddler's Adorable Reaction When She Sees Clearly for First Time

Toddler's Adorable Reaction When She Sees Clearly for First Time

Footage of a toddler’s adorable reaction when she sees clearly for the first time is breaking the internet, and she will melt your heart. Lonnie is a 14-month-old little girl who receives a pink pair of glasses. As a mom of three kids who all wear glasses, I can relate to the joy the mom of this precious little girl is feeling. 

At first, Lonnie wants nothing to do with what mommy is trying to put on her face. She fusses and pushes her mom’s hands with the glasses away. But then mom finally gets the glasses on Lonnie’s sweet face. Lonnie is suddenly shocked to clearly see the world around her for the first time. She is stunned as she looks around before she opens her mouth in awe. Her expression is absolutely priceless as if she’s thinking, “What? No way! So this is what the world really looks like!” 

Her mom then asks her, “Look at Mommy!” Her reaction to seeing her mother’s face clearly is just so precious and cute. Mom then takes the glasses off to clean a smudge before putting them back on Lonnie’s face. Lonnie then realizes the glasses are what is helping her see. Lonnie is stunned and excited as she grins at her mom and family. 

The video was uploaded to the internet, where it has been viewed over 4,000 times and garnered quite a few comments. One viewer posted how precious the moment was. “My God. This is beyond precious! This is a beautiful reminder for us to never take our health for granted.” We couldn’t agree more. The ability to see the world is something we shouldn’t take for granted. It’s also why I have extra pairs of glasses for my kids just in case a pair gets broken or lost because it’s frustrating to have blurry vision. 

Another viewer posted about his nephew needing glasses, “I have a great nephew who got glasses around age 4, and what a huge change in his life. All the frustrations seemed to melt away. I love this video.” 

We couldn’t agree more. Lonnie’s expressions are absolutely comical and so adorable. I hope this video brightens your day and reminds you just how precious it is that God has given us spiritual eyes to see his goodness in the world around us.

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