19-Year-Old Breaks The Mold With Big Voice During AGT Audition

19-Year-Old Breaks The Mold With Big Voice During AGT Audition

Kristen Cruz is inspiring the world to be exactly who each of us are created to be. In a world where we shrink ourselves to fit into a cookie cutter mold, she is telling everyone don’t be anyone else but yourself. For being so young, she’s got some God-given wisdom as this 19-year-old breaks the mold with her big voice during America's Got Talent audition. 

Kristen was in the process of applying for a job at Home Depot when she decided to listen to that still small voice within her. God was telling her he created her to stand out and that he had given her the gift of singing. So, with a lot of courage and a heap of faith, she landed an audition at AGT. You can tell that the judges didn’t think anything of her at first but they were in for a mindblowing surprise.

The moment she opened her mouth, the sultry, deep passionate voice of hers set the stage on fire as she sang ‘I See Red’ by Everybody Loves Outlaw. It was absolutely incredible. Not only did Kristen’s vocal talents mesmerize the audience, she stunned all four judges too! The judges were blown away by her powerful voice and the confidence in her ability to hit every sultry octave. 

Those who watched the video online were amazed too. One viewer commented, “Wow what an amazing voice she has! And I actually think it's kind of better than the original because Kristen's voice is a bit deeper, rawer and she sings it out with full feeling! The dream of singing and not being the industry standard 👍

Well, I would have liked to have heard such a voice in the soundtrack of "365 Days.’” Another viewer added, “Watching her was like watching Kelly Clarkson but even better. She's going to go far.” We couldn’t agree more, this won’t be the last time we see or hear from Kristen. We can’t wait to see where God leads her next!

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