Comedian Trey Kennedy's Funny Take on 'Every Hallmark Christmas Movie'

Comedian Trey Kennedy's Funny Take on 'Every Hallmark Christmas Movie'

You have to check out this parody video from comedian Trey Kennedy. It shows his funny take on ‘every Hallmark Christmas movie.’ And the stereotypes that are portrayed in the video will have you laughing!

Most people know that the Hallmark Channel is famous for producing dozens of Christmas movies every year. And the plot is usually the same thing every time: big city girl heads to a small town for a reset, meets a handsome local man, and the two end up together happily in love by the end of the movie.

These movies are always lighthearted and sweet, as well as safe for the whole family. Many people flock to Hallmark Christmas movies each year because they feel like a warm and cozy hug. The audience knows that the main characters will always end up with their happily ever after, and that feeling of love and joy goes perfectly with the Christmas season.

In Trey Kennedy’s parody video, he plays both the successful city girl and the handsome farm boy from Iowa. And his portrayal of each character is just hilarious!

“From the company that still tries to sell greeting cards,” the voiceover says ironically. Later in the voiceover, when introducing the movie title, it says “From the producers of your mom’s favorite rom coms…‘Cheesy Holiday Love Story: the same thing every year.’”

The whole parody video follows the same formula that the Hallmark Channel uses with every single one of their Christmas movies. But it’s a formula that works! People come back to these movies every year to get a dose of romance and the holiday spirit!

And just like the hope people find in romantic Hallmark Christmas movies, this time of year reminds us of the greatest hope that we will ever know – the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

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