Lauren Daigle Sings 'Remember' With America’s Got Talent Viral Singer Ava Swiss

Lauren Daigle Sings 'Remember' With America’s Got Talent Viral Singer Ava Swiss

Check out this official video of Lauren Daigle singing 'Remember' with America’s Got Talent viral singer Ava Swiss.

“In the darkest hour when I cannot breathe, fear is on my chest, the weight of the world on me
Everything is crashing down, everything I had known, when I wonder if I’m all alone
I remember, I remember, You have always been faithful to me, I remember, I remember
Even when my own eyes could not see, You were there, always there”

What a beautiful song! And these two talented women sound absolutely incredible when singing it together.

While performing at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, Lauren Daigle surprised the audience by bringing up former America’s Got Talent contestant Ava Swiss to sing with her on stage.

“Somebody sent me this video, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, what a talent. What a beauty. What a moving story. Please help me welcome to the stage Miss Ava Swiss!” Lauren said while introducing Ava.

Part of Ava’s story is that she is an Oxford High School shooting survivor, and she has shared that Lauren Daigle’s ‘Remember’ helped guide her through her experience. After the two performed the song together on stage, Lauren presented her with a check for $25,000 for the non-profit organization called 42 Strong.

The organization was started by one of the victim’s families whose mission it is to “create a better future by helping students develop a greater sense of purpose, community, and resilience.” Additionally, another $25,000 was donated to Colorado’s Healing Fund – an organization whose mission is to “provide immediate and long-term support to victim’s families and survivors” in the aftermath of mass violence.

This touching performance and generous act of kindness will bring tears to your eyes. And we hope that Lauren Daigle’s song 'Remember' was able to bring you some encouragement while listening to it today.

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