'I Speak Jesus' Passion Live Performance Featuring Chidima

'I Speak Jesus' Passion Live Performance Featuring Chidima

Listen to this beautiful live performance from Passion and featuring Chidima of the song ‘I Speak Jesus.’

“I just wanna speak the name of Jesus over every heart and every mind
'Cause I know there is peace within Your presence, I speak Jesus
I just wanna speak the name of Jesus 'til every dark addiction starts to break
Declaring there is hope and there is freedom, I speak Jesus
'Cause Your name is power, Your name is healing, Your name is life
Break every stronghold, shine through the shadows, burn like a fire”

This incredible song came from the ministry collective known as Here Be Lions. And the group of people who gathered to write ‘I Speak Jesus’ were Dustin Smith, Jesse Reeves, Carlene Prince, Raina Pratt, Kristen Dutton, and Abby Benton.

“The song came as easy as it sounds,” shared Dustin Smith. “Jesse Reeves prayed over us before we started writing and just said, ‘I just want to speak the name of Jesus over these people.’ That was it. The whole prayer. Nothing more. Nothing less. When we went to write I asked if we could write a song based on his prayer. He said, ‘all I did was say the name of Jesus.’ And that is all I want to say over my congregation, over my family, over my sickness, over depression and anxiety. All we needed was a melody because we already had the most powerful word…Jesus. There is mighty power in the name of Jesus.”

When Passion is singing this song in this music video, it is powerful to see all the people in the arena and on the stage worshipping together and raising up the name of Jesus. And the lyrics of this song remind us that when we speak the name of Jesus over people, anything is possible.

We hope that you were encouraged by this performance of ‘I Speak Jesus’ today!

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