'Life Again' Brad Rebekah Official Worship Video

'Life Again' Brad  Rebekah Official Worship Video

Check out the official worship video for the song ‘Life Again’ by Brad and Rebekah.

“You know the desires of my heart, every whisper and every passing thought
Your ways are better, Your ways are higher, the source and supply my portion
Your storehouse is where my help comes from, a generous river
You never stop giving, Jesus, for life again, my second chance
I wanna say thank you, I wanna say thank you”

What a beautiful song! And ‘Life Again’ is part of Brad + Rebekah’s 7th album of the same title.

"This will be our 7th studio release and it has come with much emotion, much delay, but also much anticipation,” shared the couple. “These songs are both our story and our continued prayers. To those who listen, we can't wait for you to hear each song, sense each moment and allow new life to be birthed from whatever season you walk."

The wonderful song ‘Life Again’ brings in both Rebekah’s testimony as well as those of Watoto, a child care ministry in Uganda that Brad + Rebekah have partnered with for 10 years. They have been sending proceeds from their music sales to help the children part of Watoto since their first visit to Uganda. And since 2015, Brad + Rebekah have put on a five-day Watoto Worship Camp for the kids each year.

"It's been a huge piece of what we've done," said Brad. "From visiting and supporting them through our fundraising efforts, to actually coming and bringing creative teaching teams with us, I would never change our involvement with them, ever. We love it."

This talented couple who has been married since 2006 has been able to glorify God through their talents and actions. We hope that their song ‘Life’ Again’ was able to bring you some encouragement today!

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