Longtime McDonald’s Employee Gets Special Nickname

For one woman, 75-year-old Barbara Cramer, working at McDonald’s is not just a job but is more of a calling and her decades of service at the popular fast-food chain has earned her a special nickname: McLegend.

Everyone wants to find a workplace and a job that they love. But sadly, most people settle for a less-than-optimal work environment, someplace they don’t look forward to going. Work is an activity most people spend a lot of time doing. So, it would make sense to find a job that you love.

That is what Barbara has done at McDonald’s. She loves working at the fast-food chain so much that she has been there for 53 years, according to the video posted on YouTube.

In an interview, Barbara mentions that she applied to two places after moving to Florida from New Jersey in 1970: a local school board and McDonald’s. McDonald’s called her first, and that is where she has been ever since. 

In her decades with the company, Barbara has held many positions, including as a crew person, a trainer and a manager. 

“I just like working with a lot of people and the hours were good,” Barbara said. 

She says that people call her a legend, and even her neighbors refer to her as a “celebrity.”

Ricky Wade, the owner of the Fort Pierce, Florida, McDonald’s where Barbara works, sang her praises. 

“All I can say is when it comes down to Barbara,” Ricky said. “She’s like a mother figure in my company. The golden lady in my book, as far as the company. And also to our customers, Barbara exemplifies what our core values are. Barbara has touched me. Barbara has touched my staff. Barbara has touched my customers.”

She also has no plans to give up her position at the home of Ronald McDonald. She says retirement is not for her, saying, “I’m staying.”

So, what is Barbara’s favorite McDonald’s item? That answer would probably surprise you.

“I used to eat the salads,” Barbara said. “It’d be nice if they brought the salads back.”

Oh, and she also loves McDonald’s coffee!

Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not to men:”

Source: Inside Edition

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