Loving Dog Cares For And Protects Kittens

A sweet and loving dog had the most precious and unexpected relationship with a pair of kittens.

It’s accepted, by most, that canines and felines mix about as well as oil and water. Over the years, television and movies have continually portrayed dogs and cats as mortal enemies, destined to hate one another for eternity. Cats sneak up and attack the unsuspecting canine. Dogs chase and terrorize cats.

However, one clip posted on YouTube shows dogs and cats can get along. They can become the best of friends. The video shows a dog, who was once afraid and unsure of kittens, becoming a sort of foster for two of the cutest kittens you’ve ever seen – Biscuit and Gravy.

The woman who narrates the video states that she started fostering the kittens because she wanted to get the dog, Phoebe, more comfortable with cats. 

“She was growling,” the woman states. “She was trying to hide.”

But it wasn’t too long before Phoebe warmed up to the cute little furballs. After a week, Phoebe, Biscuit and Gravy interacted with one another without any incidents.

According to the video, the three of them soon became the best of friends. Phoebe started looking after Biscuit and Gravy as if they were her children. 

“Phoebe is really amazing with them,” the woman in the video says. “She helped the boys blossom into their personalities.”

Sadly, though, Phoebe, Biscuit and Gravy were eventually separated. Biscuit and Gravy were adopted, and as the video shows, Phoebe knew something was up with her foster kittens.

She smothered Biscuit and Gravy with warm, loving licks as she said her goodbyes to the cute kittens. 

The woman in the video says that Phoebe is a tremendous help in fostering kittens and loves having her on her team.

“She’s just so patient and tolerant,” the woman in the video says of Phoebe. “She used to be terrified of cats, but fostering kittens brought out her nurturing side that I didn’t even know she had.”

Proverbs 12:10 “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel.”

Source: The Dodo

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