11-Year-Old Mariachi Singer Brings The Crowd To Their Feet On AGT

11-Year-Old Mariachi Singer Brings The Crowd To Their Feet On AGT

One young man wowed the studio audience and the judges with his outstanding Mariachi performance on America’s Got Talent.

Among other things, God is an artist who has used the earth as His canvas to create remarkable works of art. All one must do to confirm this is to look at one of the many magnificent, breathtaking mountain ranges or visit the Grand Canyon. Only a true artist who appreciates beauty could have created awe-inspiring glaciers or a forest of towering Redwoods. 

This ability to recognize and appreciate talent and beauty has been given to humans. People can easily spot talent and beauty. It doesn’t matter if they do not understand the language in which a song is performed or the details or moves involved in a dance number. 

In a clip posted on YouTube, 11-year-old Eduardo Antonio Trevino performed a Mariachi song on America’s Got Talent. While most people in the studio audience, those watching at home and even a few of the judges had no idea what he was singing, they still loved it.

Eduardo began his performance on a high note, literally. Right from the start, the young man showed his stunning ability to hit and hold notes, leaving members of the studio audience with their mouths open in amazement. 

Seconds into his performance, Eduardo had the entire room on their feet, applauding his remarkable display of musical talent. At one point, the camera caught an audience member literally jumping for joy. 

To say that everyone in the room loved the young man’s Mariachi performance would be a severe understatement. Most people, as the camera shows, were on their feet joining in on the thunderous round of applause.

Even those who may not have understood a word of his song loved it. Why? Everyone recognizes God has blessed the young man with an abundance of musical talent.

Proverbs 22:29 “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve kings. He won’t serve obscure men.”

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