‘He’s So Cute’ Teen Hilariously Forgets She Has a Boyfriend After Wisdom Teeth Removal

A young woman who had undergone a dental procedure had a hysterically funny conversation with the guy she learned is her boyfriend.

Visits to the dentists are one of the most dreaded things in life. Who in their right mind enjoys someone poking and prodding around in their mouth with sharp, irritating tools? Nevertheless, as much as trips to the dentist are despised, they are still necessary for things like filling cavities and having wisdom teeth removed. 

While wisdom teeth surgery is often a necessity, what happens in the hours after surgery can often be entertaining. A clip posted on YouTube shows the sweet way a young woman, who had just had her wisdom teeth removed, reacted when she learned she had a boyfriend.

The short but hilarious clip begins with the teenager, who is clearly out of it, asked if she remembers Joey, the young man who peers into the vehicle from the passenger side.

The woman filming the video informs Isabella that she has a boyfriend. Her reaction to that news is one of utter shock. The woman behind the camera reacts with laughter. 

Now, Isabella desperately wants to meet this person with whom she is romantically linked. When she is pointed in the direction of Joey, who remains outside the car, she gasps and leans back, and gets a good look at him.

Luckily for Joey, Isabella’s initial reaction is positive.

“He’s so cute,” she says.

Isabella then tries to open the door so she can meet this young man, who only moments earlier she learned is her boyfriend. 

Once Joey opens the door, Isabella continues to comment on his appearance.

“You have pretty eyes,” Isabella informs the young man.

The hilarious interaction ends with Joey telling Isabella that he loves her. Instead of responding with a similar message, Isabella kindly says thank you and “that’s so nice.”

Proverbs 17:22 “A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry.”

Source: YouTube

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