Mountain Lion Cub Hilariously Fails When Trying To Roar

Mountain Lion Cub Hilariously Fails When Trying To Roar

One furry, four-legged animal tried to be menacing and scary but failed spectacularly and instead was just hilarious, cute and adorable.

While it’s hard to get people to agree on much of anything, most will wholeheartedly admit that kittens are some of the cutest creatures on the face of the earth. From their sweet, lovable looks to their precious, endearing personalities, everyone wants to hold kittens. 

This love of cute kittens seems to translate to much bigger cats as well. 

A clip posted on YouTube shows a mountain lion cub trying out a roar. Unfortunately, for the little guy, the roar is weak. The miniature lion’s sorry attempt at a roar is a light, soft hiss. He sounds more like an annoyed or upset housecat than a terrifying, wild animal. 

After trying out a roar, the little lion looks directly at the camera. It’s almost as if he’s trying to figure out what to do next, trying to save face from the poor roar. So, he does the next best thing. He begins purring, showing his happiness and contentment with his present situation.

Then, near the halfway point of the 40-second clip, viewers spot a second mountain lion cub. This little guy is sitting approximately 10 feet away from the other large baby cat. 

The second mountain lion appears somewhat upset at first. He tries out a hiss as well. Perhaps he’s not a fan of having a camera stuck in his face? 

The clip of the two mountain lions ends with them sitting near one another and purring up a storm. 

Through all this up-close camera work on the two mountain lions, the mother is not seen. That’s a good thing, especially for the person placing the camera that close to a couple of baby mountain lions.

Genesis 1:21 “And God created great whales, and every living creature that moves, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.” 

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