Poem Video "Hanging On To The Tree"

Written By Timothy Jon Barrett...Can you imagine how God grieves over us? He sent his only and precious Son, Jesus Christ, down to earth to take upon himself the sin of the world. And with this awesome sacrifice, our sins were nailed into the hands and feet of Jesus! The pain we should suffer, God allowed his Son to suffer for in our stead. And still to this day and till the end of time, our sins hang upon that tree, with our Savior to remind us of the suffering he received for us. And yet, When Jesus asks us to join him on the tree and suffer a little for him, we turn away and refuse to sacrifice. We need to realize that, that very tree from which Jesus hung, is our very and only source of true life. We are content in joining Jesus on the tree as long as adversity is not involved, but as soon as the wind blows, we float helplessly down loosing all of our worth in Christ. We have a choice to either die spiritually and never suffer for him, or we can cling on to our source of life, join our Lord in sufferings and keep "Hanging On To The Tree"!

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