Curious Cat Is Fascinated By Water Droplet

Curious Cat Is Fascinated By Water Droplet

It’s been long said that cats don’t like water. In fact they will do just about anything to avoid getting wet. But, this adorable and hilarious video proves otherwise as this curious cat becomes fascinated by a water droplet. 

As a cat mom of three cats, my entourage follows me around the house. They all line up in a row at shower time and have been known to walk into the shower but just far enough that they don’t get wet. Then there’s bathtime. My cats have been known to balance with the finesse of a tight rope walker around the edge of the soaker tub in order to paw, sniff, and even bat at the water. 

But their favorite place to play is the kitchen sink. It doesn’t matter if it’s dishes, filling up a pot, or getting a glass of water, they surround the sink with intense interest. And once the water turns off, they wait and stock the faucet just like the curious cat in this video for the water to drip, drip, and drop!

The cat in this video is so enamored with the water drop, it’s as if she’s mesmerized by the tiny drop of water pooling together to make a bigger drop. The seriously concerned and stoic cat in this video happens to be a British cat named Remy. When the owners posted the video to YouTube, they added the comment: “This is Remy, a British Shorthair cat, who loves to study the hydrologic cycle from faucet to sink.” 

The caption has me in stitches as the video captures her facial expressions. And she nearly broke the internet with over 160,000 views. One viewer commented, “This cat is staring so intently at that water that she reminds me of a scientist about to make a major breakthrough!” Another viewer commented as if to put words to Remy’s musings, “" What sorcery is this? I must harness the power." 

Another viewer assumed Remy was in murder mode and commented, “‘If this drop falls, I will so murder it’. We all know what the cat was thinking.”

Whether Remy was studying the hydrologic cycle from faucet to sink or wanting to harness the sorcery of water flow or attempting to commit a crime, we will never know. But at least this furry feline companion with stoic eyes and murder mittens is good for a laugh and we can thank God for giving us the blessing of humorous moments!

“A joyful heart is good medicine,” Proverbs 17:22

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