Black Cat And Owner Sing The Blues Together

Black Cat And Owner Sing The Blues Together

Check out this talented black cat and his owner singing the blues together — I wonder when they will release their first single!

No matter how many incredible blues duets are out there, I don’t think there will ever be one cuter than this team! Little Badu casually lounges next to his owner who plays the guitar. I guess one day, the furry fella just decided to join the jam session and never looked back.

Luckily, the adorable duo records some of their private music sessions and shares them online! It’s like Badu is singing directly to me!

This bluesy black cat has his own Youtube channel and his own Instagram account. He has around 3000 fans on those platforms together, but originally went viral. Some people just couldn’t get enough of his effortless performance!

In this particular performance, Badu stretches across the top of the amplifier in the background while his human starts playing some jazzy notes. He may look super uninterested, but Badu knows exactly what he’s doing — he’s a professional!

The human abruptly halts his playing, snaps his fingers once, and points to Badu. As if he were specifically trained as a performance cat, Badu lets out a casual, yet musical, meow. Then his owner goes right back into picking the guitar strings.

Throughout the number, this little interaction happens back and forth between these two talented musicians. And I didn’t think it was possible, but Badu gets less and less interested as the song goes on. He actually looks away and stretches out as if he is getting ready for a cat nap!

Even though he looks like he’s completely over the whole thing, Badu still sings his meows when he hears the snap from his dad. What a calming, comfortable life little bluesy Badu lives! He probably doesn’t know that everyone loves him, but definitely assumes they do regardless! Keep on singing, little guy!

I don’t think the world can ever have too many videos of singing animals. They are guaranteed to make everyone smile!

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