Cat Lets Everyone Know His Bowl Is Empty In The Funniest Way

Cat Lets Everyone Know His Bowl Is Empty In The Funniest Way

If you happen to own a fluffy feline that has an attitude and a penchant for food, then you will absolutely chuckle over this video. 

A cat lets everyone know his bowl is empty in the funniest way. In this video, the owner films her pudgy furball announcing he wants to eat. Though he probably has never missed a meal a day in his life, this real-life Garfield doesn’t care. He wants his second breakfast or perhaps, dessert. 

Either way, instead of giving a few meows or waiting patiently by his bowl, this little fellow uses his murder mittens to bang his bowl repeatedly against the floor. It’s almost as if he is saying, “Hello hooman, my bowl is empty.” 

His owner gives him a little pet to indicate she’s heard his request. But he doesn’t care because his bowl still remains void of any tasty meow mix and so he continues to bang it on the floor as if to say impatiently, “I’ve given you my request, why is my bowl still empty? Why am I still waiting to dine on my feline food?”

His owner continues to reassure him that his claim of starvation has been heard and noted. Finally, he turns to his owner to give her a look before he goes back to banging his bowl on the floor. It’s almost like he is saying, “This is crazy, how can you not hear my bowl, and more importantly, why can’t you understand it is time to dine?” 

I’m pretty sure this tabby thinks he will die of starvation and probably left to go record the horrible atrocities of not being fed into his diary. Can you just imagine that journal entry? 

Can we all take just a moment to thank God for the ability to find not only love and companionship through cat ownership but also humor as well? We hope you enjoyed this hilarious video and this cat’s antics put a smile on your face!

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

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