'Healer' Evan Craft Acoustic Performance

'Healer' Evan Craft Acoustic Performance

Check out the acoustic performance of the song ‘Healer’ by Evan Craft and hear the story behind the song in this video.

The music video starts off with four people worshipping in a bare room. There is one person playing the keyboard, one person playing drums, one playing the guitar, and the vocalist is also playing the guitar. He starts off singing the lyrics of the song, and it is so beautiful to hear.

“You said if we believe then greater things would come, so pour Your Spirit out
Like a river like a flood, deliver every heart, body, soul, and mind
All the darkness bows, before the feet of Christ
The Healer’s in this place, the Healer’s in this place
Jesus, You are moving in our praise, there’s freedom in Your name
There’s freedom in Your name, Jesus, You are Healer in this place”

What a powerful and uplifting worship song! The writers of the song include Evan Craft, Monty Rivera, Christine D'Clario, Ryan Ellis, and Josh Silverberg. And the scripture references for the song ‘Healer’ include Isaiah 35:5 and Isaiah 57:18-19.

In an interview after the music, Evan Craft talks about how important “Healer’ is to him and the inspiration behind the words of the song.

“‘Healer’ to me is a very, very special song. It’s one of my favorites that I really believe is God-breathed,” he says. “I believe that God is still moving. I believe that healing is a very sensitive and delicate topic because there are people who wait for healing their whole lives and experience it on the other side of eternity. There are people who experience it now. And you know, God is moving. God is healing people. And sometimes we have to submit to how He’s doing it. We don’t understand it, and that’s very painful and difficult sometimes. But this song is a declaration.”

The worship song ‘Healer’ reminds us of what God’s word says and that we can count on Him to be our ultimate Healer, in whatever way God has planned for us. May this song encourage you today!

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