'Friend Of Sinners' We Are Messengers Official Music Video

'Friend Of Sinners' We Are Messengers Official Music Video

Christian rock band We Are Messengers reminds us of God’s love with ‘Friend Of Sinners.’ Despite our sins and shortcomings, God continues to accept and forgive us.

“Jesus, friend of sinners
Your heart is full of grace
Loved me long before I wanted to change”

We Are Messengers is a Christian band originating in Ireland. Comprised of members Darren Mulligan, Kyle Williams, Drew Kerxton, and Drake Kennedy, the band found success with hits such as ‘Magnify’ and ‘Maybe It’s Ok.’

Today, they are sharing a powerful message with ‘Friend Of Sinners.’

“Jesus, friend of sinners
Your table is where I find
That someone just like me could sit by Your side
The friend of sinners is a friend of mine”

‘Friend Of Sinners’ was written by lead vocalist Darren Mulligan, with help from Ethan Hulse and Jeff Pardo. The song was inspired by Darren’s real-life relationship with God.

“The God I heard about as a child was obsessed with me being good, and it didn’t seem remotely possible that He could ever be a friend of sinners, of which I was surely one,” Darren told FreeCCM.

But after his wife converted to Christianity, Darren learned more about God and felt his over revelation. “The Jesus I know and read about in the Bible was a friend of sinners, and because of that, I know He is a friend of mine.”

We are all forgiven and that is such a beautiful message to always remember.

Isaiah 1:18 ““Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.”

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