'Wholehearted' We Are Messengers Official Music Video

'Wholehearted' We Are Messengers Official Music Video

Listen to the song ‘Wholehearted’ by We Are Messengers in this official music video.

“Got a lot in my past, got a lot on my mind, there's a lot of things I want back
There's a lot of me I don't like, but I come, just as I am to You, and I know
Just what You're gonna do, when I need grace, You give it wholehearted, give it wholehearted
I was a mess, but You never departed, never departed, faithful when I'm at my worst
No I don't get what I deserve, 'cause when I need grace
You give it wholehearted, give it wholehearted”

The song ‘Wholehearted’ is from We Are Messengers’s new album of the same name. The beautiful video was shot at Muckross head in Donegal, Ireland. This is the hometown of Darren Mulligan, the front man for We Are Messengers.

This song is part of their new album that was recorded during the global pandemic and features the radio single ‘Come What May,’ as well as ‘God You Are (feat. Josh Baldwin)’ and ‘Friend Of Sinners.’

Many people online shared their love for the song and the beautiful music video.

“Stunning scenery and completely inspirational song!” comments one person on YouTube after watching the video. “People...get this album. It speaks volumes about the goodness and availability of our God! Thank you, We Are Messengers!”

“You are such a blessing,” writes another person online. “I cannot wait until this release. Wholehearted is one of my favorite songs on the new album.”

On the band’s Facebook page, Darren talks about the themes that make up the new album.

“Home, family, the ocean, laughter, forests, crashing waves, silence, birds singing, heartache, joy, dancing, open fires, mountains, solitude, the church, doubt, faith, loneliness & community,” he writes. “These are the places, sounds and emotions that make up the 12 music videos for the 12 new songs on Wholehearted. It’s an epic journey, we hope you are listening, sharing and allowing these songs into the tender places of your hearts.”

We hope you enjoyed listening to ‘Wholehearted’ by We Are Messengers today!

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