'Life Is Beautiful' The Oak Ridge Boys Live Performance

'Life Is Beautiful' The Oak Ridge Boys Live Performance

Listen to The Oak Ridge Boys perform a cover of the song ‘Life Is Beautiful’ by Keb’ Mo.

“Let's go drifting, through the trees, let's go sailing, on the sea, let's go dancing
On the jukejoint floor and leave our trouble and have a party
So easily forgotten are the most important things, like the melody and the moonlight
In your eyes, and a song that lasts forever, each song getting better all the time
Life is beautiful, life is wonderous, every star above, shining just for us
Life is beautiful, on a stormy night, somewhere in the world, the sun is shining bright”

What a great song with such beautiful lyrics! They are filled with such hope when you listen to the words. The Oak Ridge Boys include their version of ‘Life Is Beautiful’ on the album Front Porch Singin’ which was released this year.

Duane Allen, Joe Bonsall, Richard Sterban, and William Lee Golden are the members of The Oak Ridge Boys, and Joe shares about how the group decided on this song to include in their new album.

"I believe Duane found this song long ago and held on to it as he always does with a great song," Jon said. "The timing of recording it in these troubled times is a divine coincidence in my humble opinion, because life is God's most precious gift this side of Salvation and people need to hear a simple message like 'Life is Beautiful' now more than ever!”

The positive message of the song stuck with Duane when he first heard it. "When I first heard Keb' Mo' sing 'Life Is Beautiful,' I was captured in its spell for days," shared Duane. "I could not get it out of my head. It is the perfect kind of song, with message, that I love to sing. I think we got it in the first or second take."

We hope that you enjoyed listening to this song performed by The Oak Ridge Boys and that it was able to uplift you today!

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