'Edge Of My Seat' Live From TobyMac And Cochren And Co.

'Edge Of My Seat' Live From TobyMac And Cochren And Co.

Listen to this song called ‘Edge Of My Seat’ by TobyMac featuring Cochren And Co.

“Well, I thought that I had seen most everything, and if jaded was a people, I'd be the king
So cold to what a brand new day could bring, so icy cold to all the wonder
That should be movin' me, overthinking You, hot like June, I'm jumpin' out my skin
Just tryin' to catch a view, You got me on the edge, got me on the edge of my seat
You got me on the edge, I am on the edge of my seat”

What a fun and upbeat song! The music video was filmed in Denver, CO at the Hits Deep Tour. The music and lyrics just make you want to get up and dance and sing along!

During the performance, TobyMac addresses the audience and shares with them what it means to live like you’re on the edge of your seat.

“Now look, Denver. The way I see it, there are two postures in which we can live our day,” he says. “The first posture in which we can tackle our day is called the jaded posture. Now you get way back here in the back of your chair, arms crossed, eyes rolled, and you start saying stuff like today ‘I’ve got to do this, today I’ve got to do that.’ Now that’s one posture we can take on with our day.”

As TobyMac is explaining this, he is sitting all the way back in his chair, slumped over. Then he changes his position and goes on to share about how we can live on the edge of our seat and partner with God.

“Then there’s this other posture,” he says. “It’s called getting out on the edge of your seat. When you open your eyes wide with wonder of what God is gonna do with this day that’s in front of me. And you start saying things like, ‘Today I get to do this. Today Father we get to do that.’ That right there is called living your life on the edge of your seat.”

May we all take that position when we face each day! Let us get excited about all the things that we get to do with God on our side!

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