Andrae Crouch song -Performed by 1980 Christian Dance Co.

This is ONE of Four Numbers I will upload. It is an Andrae Crouch song called "I've Got The Best". It was performed WAY back about 1980, so it is Vintage. I met Andrae back then, (actually I was a Christian, but in another amazing story I shall talk about later, I was Born Again at his home, and at that time he was up for a Grammy for his new album ("I'll Be Thinking Of You") and I was already a professional Singer, Dancer, Actor. Long story short. I wanted to start a Professional Christian Dance Company, but back then, the Church was VERY skeptical to say the least about the DANCE. Andrae really liked the idea. I leased a big studio in downtown Los Angeles and held auditions, for Born Again Christian Dancers. (Well that could be a movie in itself! (hehe) Finally I got some GREAT dancers. We were called the "Power & Light Dance Company" I began to Choreograph numbers. I will be adding 3 other numbers, *) by Seawind, (Hallelujah , *) one by Reba Rambo (Child of the Music Maker), *) One From the Broadway Musical from the book of Matthew, called "Your Arms Too Short To Box With GOD!", in it Jesus' Mother Mary sings a song ( Something is Wrong in Jerusalem) about how she is worried about her Son, because she knows that he is going to Jerusalem and there is Much trouble for him there, and she is in Anguish ... the Dance tries reflects that. These short videos were actually just Rehearsals for a real performance, but Rita Ross, (Diana Ross' Sister) and a camera crew came to the studio to interview me as we were really Pioneers in this area. Her camera crew did a pretty good job for not really knowing what they should capture in terms of close ups etc. to capture my interpretation of the songs. If you really want to appreciate the numbers, you may have to watch them at least two time each, the first time you should listen VERY closely to the Lyrics, then the second time you may have a better chance to maybe understand the Dance that is trying to portray what the song is

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