Elderly Choir Starts Singing In The Middle Of McDonald's

Elderly Choir Starts Singing In The Middle Of McDonald's

Whether digging into a Big Mac or picking at a Happy Meal, diners got an extra treat when an elderly choir started singing in the middle of McDonald’s! Watch this talented group of seven senior singers as they sit and perform a familiar tune!

The song is “Down by the Riverside,” which is an African-American spiritual dating back to before the American Civil War. In the original version, there are verses about the hand of Jesus, studying war no more, laying down burdens, and other faith-filled messages. However, these gents sing about romance.

They include lines about meeting at the riverside with one’s gal to talk, profess love, propose marriage, and wed. It’s a different focus, for sure! But, it is certainly sweet, as are the individual voices and harmonies created collectively by the group. They are upbeat, in tune, and a real delight!

Recorded from a bit of a distance, it is hard to see the faces of the men, but seeing them isn’t nearly as important as hearing them anyway. Over half of them sit with their backs to the “cinematographer,” and it doesn’t look like they are even aware that they are being recorded.

Most are gray-haired. A few tap their toes. Aside from that discreet act, they are calm and reserved in their singing; there are no hand motions. There is no dancing in chairs or head banging. That’s probably not the sort of singing this choir does. But, what they do is excellent!

The song is cheery and every part is well-practiced. It is easy to hear the bass, the baritone, and the tenor, and, together, it is a little slice of fun! A little slice of fun, a sliver of joy—that’s what the world needs right now!

It sure would be lovely if every town had a choir like this one hanging out in the local fast food joints. Why that would make a McRib sound pretty darn good! 

“Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise.” James 5:13

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