Kind Teen Volunteers to Help Pets of Senior Citizens

Kind Teen Volunteers to Help Pets of Senior Citizens

When she was ten, she used all of her birthday money to buy pet food for seniors in need, and now it’s become Sonya’s business as a 15-year-old. This kind teen volunteers to help senior citizens get the food they need. Sonya learned that seniors who live on fixed incomes have a hard time making ends meet. And sometimes, their pets go hungry. 

Through her organization, Sonya takes donated pet food and makes deliveries once a week to seniors on her list. Right now through her organization, she has helped 75 pets to be able to stay with their furrever pet owners. 

It all started when she went to visit her great-grandmother at a senior citizen center. She noticed how difficult it was to afford the extra items including pet food. So, for her tenth birthday, she asked all of her friends to bring pet food or cash so she could help seniors in need. After that, her idea to help others grew into her organization called GrandPaws. 

Sonya doesn’t just help people in need, she rescues pet owners so they can keep living with their loved ones. One of her clients told Sonya that had she not made the food deliveries every week, there was no way she could have kept her two precious cats that she’s had for years. 

Sonya says it feels good to help others in need. She’s gotten to know each of her clients and she knows their stories. Her incredibly kind heart is saving 75 families each week. 

I bet this won’t be the last time we hear anything about this sweet teenager. She is already a bright shining light in this world already. It’s amazing how one heart can affect hundreds of others. 

Proverbs 19:17 "Those who are gracious to the poor lend to the Lord, and the Lord will fully repay them."

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