'Triumph' Teen With Cerebral Palsy Overcomes The Odd In Inspiring Film

'Triumph' Teen With Cerebral Palsy Overcomes The Odd In Inspiring Film

Prepare to be inspired as you view the official movie trailer for the film ‘Triumph.’ Based on the true life of screenwriter, Michael D. Coffey, ‘Triumph’ follows the story of a high schooler Michael who has cerebral palsy. And while many may think the odds are against him, Michael hopes to earn a spot on his school’s wrestling school.

The film stars RJ Mitte as Michael Coffin. RJ also has mild cerebral palsy, so he felt a deep connection with the role. He told Hollywood First Looks, “When it comes to misconceptions around cerebral palsy is that a lot of people think just because you have a disability makes you fragile, it makes you weak and that’s not exactly accurate.”

And RJ had the added privilege of getting to meet the actual man the film was based on. Michael D. Coffey is a producer and writer and he actually penned the screenplay for ‘Triumph.’ Michael dealt with his own struggles throughout high school and many moments in the movie are inspired by real life events.

Before the release of the film, he wrote an article for The Mighty. “Many of the scenes were inspired by real experiences with my dad, friends, classmates, a coach and my senior English teacher, who I also wrote into my script using her real last name.”

He also went on to add that he “wrote “Triumph” to not only entertain people, but also to help promote awareness and understanding of cerebral palsy.”

This inspirational film is currently available on streaming platforms to view at home.

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