Groom Drops To His Knee During Wedding And Proposes Adoption To New Stepdaughters

Groom Drops To His Knee During Wedding And Proposes Adoption To New Stepdaughters

Weddings are unique and full of twists these days, but it’s hard to imagine a better surprise than seeing this groom drop to his knee and propose adoption to his new stepdaughters! This handsome husband, backed by four groomsmen, gained a bunch of new admirers just after saying “I do” with the speech he delivered to two little girls.

We never see Mom to these pretty tween girls, but we are touched by the emotional face of one of the two girls, who is directly in front of the camera throughout the video. The groom, wearing a pink tie and pocket square with his blue suit, matches the girls. They are dressed in white, pink-sashed dresses, and they wear their hair in perfect buns. They may be twins, or perhaps the one facing the camera is just a bit older.

It appears the two have been called closer for the groom to speak with them. And, the words he says are life-changing! The groom begins by telling his little ladies how being a father figure to them has helped him grow into a man. He identifies the functions of a father, and he reveals that he has become a better version of himself by stepping into the role.

The girl facing the camera is crying; her lips tremble and tears roll down her face. She looks across at her sister and up to her new stepdad as he speaks. We see from behind her sister reach up to wipe away tears. Then, the sister in full view takes her whole hand and wipes her wet face.

But, when the groom says the word “official” and starts to bend down, our full-view sister is catching on. She is first a bit stunned. Then, a smile crawls across her damp face. And, by the time his proposal of adoption is spoken, she is declaring “yes” and going in for the hug. Her “twinster” falls in behind.

Mom must be sobbing somewhere off camera because this is just so good! Of course, our groomsmen are unmoved--Not! The second one in line surely wears those dark glasses, because he knew this was coming. And, the third groomsman pinches the bridge of his nose at the corners of his eyes. Clearly, he’s not hiding anything at all! Weddings don’t get much better than this!

“The father of a righteous child has great joy; a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him.” Proverbs 23:24

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