Christian Magician Reminds Us Of The Power Of Kindness On AGT Finals

Christian Magician Reminds Us Of The Power Of Kindness On AGT Finals

The magician, Dustin Tavella, reminds us all of the power of kindness during his amazing performance on the AGT finals.

At the start of his act, Dustin gives a shout out to his parents, because they are celebrating 37 years of marriage.

“I love celebrating my parents’ anniversary, because when I was young, my parents’ marriage actually fell apart. Our family was a mess,” Dustin shares. “And the first time that I experienced magic, it wasn’t a card trick, and it wasn’t a coin trick, it was a person. Someone stepped into my parents’ lives, helped them get sober and back on their feet. They helped put my family back together, simply because they cared.”

As he tells this story, he rips a photo of his parents in half and then half again. Then he blows on the ripped-up pieces of the photo, and it becomes whole again!

Dustin now takes on his next trick which requires everyone in the theater to participate.

“Judges, I had everybody in the audience write down a way that they could impact just one life,” he says. “See tonight, for the finals of America’s Got Talent, as much as I’d love to just stand here and try and impress you guys with more magic, what I really hope to do is to remind you, all of you, that you are the magic.”

That’s when Dustin asks the audience members to take their pieces of paper that they wrote on, crumble them up, and throw them over to the judges’ table. The balls of paper start to rain down on the smiling judges.

“There are over 2,000 people in this theater tonight,” says Dustin. “Which means if everyone commits to what they wrote down, maybe that’s 2,000 lives that could be changed. And if everyone watching from home does the same thing, maybe that’s millions more.”

Dustin then has each judge pick out a paper ball from the audience and calls Terry Crews to the stage. Terry then chooses to pick Simon’s paper ball and reads what is says. “Give my cool clothes to another kid that needs them” is what is written inside.

Terry then pops the balloon that is on stage and a rolled-up piece of paper comes out. That piece of paper says the same thing that the rolled-up ball of paper read from the audience member! And the boy who wrote it stands up so Dustin can see him.

“First of all, this is amazing,” Dustin says to the boy. “You’re never too young to make a difference, man. Hold onto that generous spirit. It will go further than you even know. Give it up for this guy! Second, I love that what you wrote started with the word ‘give,’ because giving is the foundation of change.”

Dustin then rips the word ‘give’ out of the paper and continues to rip it into smaller pieces as he ends with this encouraging message.

“Giving your time, giving your resources, giving yourself. See when someone stepped into my parents’ lives, because they were willing to give, it changed the course of their future. Which in turn changed the course of mine. And that impact has now even reached to our two boys. And because of that person I get to stand on this stage and do what I love,” he shares. “It’s like that one little thing just keeps going. Something so seemingly small can become so much more than what we ever expected.”

Finally, Dustin holds out his hands and so many tiny pieces of confetti fly out and fill the stage! And all the small pieces of paper floating in the theater say the word ‘give.’

What a wonderful magic trick and a great reminder that a small act of kindness can go a long way!

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