'The Christmas Sweater' Michael Buble Official Music Video

'The Christmas Sweater' Michael Buble Official Music Video

Check out this official music video for Michael Bublé’s new song called ‘The Christmas Sweater.'

“Ah, put your Christmas sweater on, it's got to be done
The uglier, the better, hon', don't be the only one
You'll light up everybody's faces and, babe, you know the time has come
Play along, play along and get your Christmas sweater on”

The cute music video features a Christmas sweater trying to convince a woman to wear it. The camera zooms in on a Christmas sweater at the beginning of the video, and the sweater starts singing the lyrics of the song with his tinsel mouth.

You see the owner of the sweater go through the year, wearing other holiday outfits, while the Christmas sweater longs to be worn. She finally put the Christmas sweater on for her holiday party at the end of December.

“I just adore this video and song!” comments one person on YouTube after watching the music video. “Thank you, Michael, for putting a smile on my face! Merry Christmas!”

“Michael Bublé always knows how to bring the Christmas spirit to life!” writes another person online.

In a recent interview, Michael Bublé shared about what he loves most during the holiday season.

“Hanging out with my family and all our relatives and friends, for me, there’s nothing better than that,” the singer said. “To me, the holidays are about bringing people together and being with family. It’s no secret it’s my favorite time of year. The holidays are a time to step back and cherish your loved ones.”

He continues: “In our house, we love to sing and dance during the holidays, everything from ‘Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town’ to ‘Feliz Navidad’. This year is also a special one as I celebrate the 10-year anniversary of my album Christmas.”

We hope that you enjoyed this fun music video for Michael Bublé’s new song and it was able to get you excited for the Christmas season!

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