82-Year-Old X Factor Contestant Sings Brilliant Cover Of 'Come Fly With Me'

82-Year-Old X Factor Contestant Sings Brilliant Cover Of 'Come Fly With Me'

You are never too old to go after a dream. In this video, an 82-year-old X Factor contestant sings a brilliant cover of “Come Fly with Me.”

William Hooper is an 82-year-old man from England. He comes onto the X Factor stage and the crowd goes wild. As he walks out to the stage, the music plays, “You Make Me Feel So Young.”

When Simon asks how old William is, William responds that he is 82. Simon asks him why he is on the show at 82 years of age and William says, “Well, this is my last chance.” The audience laughs and gets empathetic. Simon asks William what he is going to sing and he responds, “Come Fly with Me.”

William cues the music and says, “Number 2 please.” As the music begins, William has suave charisma and energy. He snaps his fingers and begins singing with happiness.

The crowd cheers. Simon stops the song and the judges share their thoughts. The judges compliment him on his energy and performance. They also rave about his great health. He preciously blows kisses to a female judge who encourages him. William ends up getting through to the next round.

The Lord teaches us that we have purpose and value on this earth as long as we are alive. Silver hair is a crown according to the Bible. May we always live our days for the glory of the Lord.

No matter what age you are, whatever dream God has placed in your heart, surrender to Him today and follow Him. Just like William took a step of faith, we each can too in our own ways.

“Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness.” Proverbs 16:31

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