'There's A Honky Tonk In Heaven' Marty Brown Official Music Video

'There's A Honky Tonk In Heaven' Marty Brown Official Music Video

Check out this catchy country love song called ‘There's A Honky Tonk In Heaven' by Marty Brown.

“My friend, Jack, had a heart-attack, he died right there on the table.
The doctor's tried to bring him back doing all that they were able.
But, much to their surprise, ole Jack opened up his eyes, and he looked up
With a smile and he said, there's a honky tonk in Heaven and it's open 24/7
They got good times there that don't ever run dry. There's a neon moon and a billion stars,
A dance floor bigger than a river barge, nobody has a broken heart,
She's no longer a memory anymore”

Marty Brown’s latest song starts off recounting a friend who died and was brought back to life, and his friend reveals that he saw a honky tonk in heaven. But beyond the ode to country bars, listeners will realize at the end of the chorus when Marty sings “and she’s there” that it is really a love song.

The music video even shows two silhouettes dancing underneath the heavenly stars. How sweet! The video was filmed at Marty Brown's farm in Franklin, Kentucky and at a local hospital.  Marty Brown plays the part of the storyteller, and Jack is actually one of Marty's best friends, and base player, Keith Jackson.

‘There's a Honky Tonk in Heaven’ was written by Marty Brown and Gary Hannan. Marty is a traditional country music artist from the 90's when he was signed with MCA Records, and his country career was re-launched when he was a Semi-Finalist on America's Got Talent Season 8. He is also a part of the Class of 2022 inductees into the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘There's A Honky Tonk In Heaven' by Marty Brown today!

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