'God Song' Hillsong UNITED Performs At New Song Cafe

'God Song' Hillsong UNITED Performs At New Song Cafe

Check out this video of Hillsong UNITED performing their song ‘God Song.’

“Oh Lord You are my God, that place belongs to only You, the author of it all
Consume these pages as You choose, ‘cause if You signed Your name upon my heart
The way that authors always do, then You must be proud to call me Yours
And I must be made for loving You, oh Lord You are my God
That claim belongs to only You, the architect of life, each breath I draw was drawn by You”

What a beautiful song with such amazing lyrics! And Joel from Hillsong UNITED sat down after the song to share some insight to how ‘God Song’ came to be and how incredible it is to worship our God.

“There is something so intimate and so beautiful about the way that God inhabits our praises,” he shares.

Then Joel goes on to talk about just how powerful it is to worship the God of the universe.

“There is something just so powerful, when you think about what it is to worship God or what it is for us to give thanksgiving, surrender, devotion, or whatever it is that we bring, from the depths of our heart, with breath…I think that was the picture. This idea that this God of the universe, God who is outside the ends of time, this God who is the architect of life, he draws every breath. And I love that picture.”

He continues: “This God cares so much about intimacy, and so much about out need for Him, our dependence on Him, and so much on our desire to honor Him and place Him not just first in our lives, but to consume whatever it is that we do with our lives, with our hands or with our time or our words or our gifts…think about worship in its purest form. And yet, the God who is just magnificent beyond our understanding, all of that is captured in the depth of who we are.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to this interview from Hillsong UNITED and hearing ‘God Song’ today!

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