Mischievous Cat Hilariously Interrupts TV Interview

Mischievous Cat Hilariously Interrupts TV Interview

Have you ever had coffee so deadly that it took a bodyguard to ensure you didn’t drink it? Well, bless us all! There's a cat so protective and curious that he takes one for the team. 

We have documentary proof caught on camera that cats are indeed man’s best friend, and this one may have taken his ‘fur-covered soul’ for the team. You don’t believe me? Well, a mischievous cat hilariously interrupts a TV interview to let his boss know his coffee wasn’t poisoned. 

In this video, we have no idea what is being said. We have no idea if the potential employee asked for benefits, stated his weaknesses, or shared trade secrets. But what we do know is this: his boss was under pressure, there were people in the room, and coffee had been served. 

But was it good coffee? You know, the kind when your feet hit the cold floorboards in the morning, and you immediately cringe, but you smell the aroma and feel alive from your timed coffee maker? Or had this specially blended coffee roast been sitting there for the last hours? 

No one knows except his faithful companion, who happens to have a taste for good coffee, hairballs, and murder mittens, and we have proof caught on camera. No one knows exactly what is being said in this clip, but what we do know is that this precious loves his beloved hooman, he saw the coffee cup and went for it. 

Mr. Paws, an undercover agent, sticks his paw in first and confirms the coffee isn’t quite the right temperature. But perhaps, a tad too cold. So then Mr. Paws sticks his entire head–whiskers and all– into the cup and then realizes his mistake. His head is too big for the cup and he has no choice but to drink the tepid cold cup of joe. 

All we know is that this stealthy ‘purr-covered’ secret service cat is now catching everyone’s attention. He has no choice but take one for ‘team hooman’ and roll gracefully to the floor and lurk to the shadows of a bench to fight the clutches of a cup stuck to his face. This graceful, whiskered secret agent opted to take a cold coffee for the team. 

You and I should pray God brings a secret service feline into our lives–not just for the bad coffee but to taste test cold a cup of joe and perhaps…poison.

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