65 Years Later, Grandparents Get Their First Dance At Wedding

65 Years Later, Grandparents Get Their First Dance At Wedding

First dances are designed for newlyweds, but this couple’s first dance came 65 years after they married when their grandson gave them the first dance at his wedding—the one reserved for him and his bride! 

Some couples do a wonderful job of remembering others on their wedding day, which is widely viewed as their “big day.” Watch as this married pair remembers one set of grandparents in an especially thoughtful way!

Meet New Yorkers 26-year-old Samantha Estepa and 27-year-old Zachary Graff. They are a beautiful couple beginning their wedding reception in a gorgeous ballroom. But, instead of them taking center stage, Zachary asks that his grandparents come to the floor. They are Elaine and Morton, and they are a handsome couple as well!

As Zachary tells guests, Elaine and Morton are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary! By the way, a blue sapphire is the traditional gift for that milestone anniversary. Zachary expresses his desire that he and Samantha be as happy as Elaine and Morton are when they reach 65 years of marriage. To this Elaine retorts, “How do you know?” Elaine is feisty and funny! 

Zachary goes on to explain that his grandparents had never gotten their first dance because his grandfather was sitting shiva at the time of their marriage. In the Jewish faith, shiva is a custom that requires mourners (parents, siblings, spouses, or children) to refrain from celebrating, which includes dancing during a 7-day period of mourning. Morton’s mother had passed away shortly before the ceremony, so he and Elaine could not share a first dance. 

Zachary invites them to have that special dance finally, and they oblige. They are an elegant couple, admired by a bevy of burgundy-clad bridesmaids. 

Elaine and Morton may not have gotten their first dance on time, and she may not have received a blue sapphire to match her long, navy gown. But, one thing is for sure, Elaine and Morton have made a million memories in their 65 years, and they’ve won the love and respect of many along the way!  

“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Romans 12:10

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